Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Still desperately clinging onto Summer? Here's 15 reasons to be excited for autumn instead!

We all know that feeling, when it starts to get dark earlier, the temperature drops and we're back at school. This can only mean one thing. Autumn has arrived. Now I've always been the pessimistic girl who dreads autumn, and thoughts of freezing mornings, sniffly colds and missing the bus in the rain terrify me. Egh. Those of you autumn haters like me will be crying into your summer dresses, and clinging onto pastel colours and coral nail varnishes. But this year I told myself all of this will change, so here's 15 reasons for you to feel optimistic about Autumn too:

1. Cosy Nights in. I think this says it all. This is my favourite part of autumn, snuggling up in bed with a good book, your fairy lights on and a good cup of tea.

2. A New wardrobe! These three words will get any girl excited, and with the impending arrival of a new season, what better excuse to head out for a serious bit of retail therapy to cure you of the autumn woes.

3. Walking on crispy golden leaves. There's something magical about watching the leaves change colours, and taking cute walks in the park listening the the 'crunch-crunch' of the leaves under your feet.

4. Fluffy socks. I need not say no more. When your tootsies get a little chilly, there is no better remedy than to put on the fluffiest, most unfashionable fluffy socks in the world! I have so many pairs of fluffy socks it would take me ages to count them all, but they're perfect for sliding around the house in for a bit of rainy-day entertainment! Practical and fun!

5. Cool weather only means one thing...less humidity! And this means...less frizzy hair! Smiles all round! It also means that your hair won't get stuck to your sweaty neck on those really hot summer days, and best of all, the fear of it going 'poof!' will be gone!

6. Autumn is the season to wear hideous, ghouly make up, ask people for sweets and dress in peculiar clothing. Not every day of course, we can only be talking about one thing...Halloween! Who doesn't love carving a pumpkin, and dressing up like zombies for one night a year and having a good giggle with your friends!

7. Hairy legs. You, yes you, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. After weeks of making sure your legs are perfectly ex foliated and hair-less, autumn is the time to embrace the gorilla legs! Because, let's be honest, its chilly and no body is going to see them, hooray!

8. Now the chilly bitter mornings are starting to make an appearance, there's no better time to invest in a few cosy jumpers to keep you warm and snug over the next few months!

10. Hot drinks. When you've just got in from a long day at school or work, and your tootsies and little fingers are feeling a little nippy, there is no better remedy than to put the kettle on and sit down with a nice hot cuppa! Ahhh, perfect.

11. Being a beauty blogger, I can't help but be excited about a new season, because it means different make up trends! A bold lip, smoky eyes seem like the two big things this year, but just make sure you don't go for both at once, that would be a little too halloween-ish!

12. Leather is meant to be big, no huge this year! Not only are we supposed to be rocking the punky look, leather jackets, trousers, shoes, bags, (well anything leather!) It's meant to be a staple item in our A/W13 wardbrobe! I'm thinking of investing in a nice leather jacket I've had my eye on for a while, and a pair of leather ankle boots, which leads us on nicely to the next post!

13. It's time to put your beloved sandals away, and replace with a good ol' pair of boots. The great thing about boots is that unlike those sandals that gave you blisters every time you wore them in the summer (but, hey they were worth it I bet!) boots are comfortable  practical, and best of all? On trend! This year I'm hoping to invest in a pair of leather ankle boots, or maybe some distressed/studded suede ones? Hmm, any suggestions, let me know in the comments!:-)

14. Standing round a bonfire eating smores is one of my favourite things about autumn. On Fireworks night, standing around a bonfire with your family, being captivated by the flames and eating smores really is perfect.

15. When you think of autumn mornings you think of sniffly colds, chesty coughs, frozen fingers and icy roads, but you never really tend to think about the positives - making 'dragons breath', walking on the crispy leaves, walking along drinking hot chocolate out of a flask, rosy cheeks, a clear head, and cosy coats. 

So if you're a summer girl like me and were dreading the arrival of Autumn, I hope I've managed to change your mind and you're finally dreaming of cosy nights in rather than sunning yourself on a (not-so-nice) british beach!

Now that's enough rambling on for today, please let me know in the comments what you're excited about for autumn, and send me the links of any autumn clothes you're liking at the moment! Also don't forget to leave your links and bloglovin' links in the comments below, I'll have a look and give you a cheeky follow I promise! Oh, and before I forget, would you like to see more posts like this in the future? Let me know!:-)

Much love, Lauryn!

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  1. Lovely idea for a post, thank you :)

  2. Aw thank you! Glad you liked it!:-)

  3. Great post, great idea! Thank you very much :)

    1. Aw thank you for reading and glad I helped!:-) much love x

  4. i love all seasons, especially now after i spent 300 days in england. i dont know how you do it, but i find the reason number 7 one of the most convincing ;) and, well, i use leather accessories also in summer so not much of a change there. proooobably i'm just not looking frw to this fall lip colours.


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