Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sudocrem: is it really the spot saviour everybody makes it out to be?

Let me ask you something. Would you apply bum cream to your face? The answer is probably no. But if I asked you whether you had ever applied Sudocrem to a spot on your face, well, I'm almost positive the answer is yes. So if that answer is yes, then you have in fact applied bum cream to your face. You're probably thinking I've got confused and started rambling on about a different type of 'Sudocrem'. Nope, it is pretty disgusting, but most of us have been there and done it.

In my house, Sudocrem is regarded a magical healing cream, if there is anything slightly wrong with me, the answer from any of my family will be 'put some sudocrem on it before you go to bed'. I'm not kidding, I could have broken a leg and they would probably say the same thing, honestly, my parents must think it has magical qualities or something!

Before I started using products aimed specifically for the treatment of spots, I always went to bed with a ghostly-white face, due to religiously smearing sudocream onto any spots that decided to live (without consent from me) on my face for a while. I believed in the magical healing powers of this cream, until one day I purchased a spot- targeted gel, in the form of freederm rapid action gel, oh and the joys. My spots were visibly reduced, even the real volcano-waiting-to-erupt baddies. Ever to this day, this miracle-worker gel is the crime-fighter I use against the real baddies.

But back to what we were actually discussing (What is it with me and babbling on!) Costing £6.25 on boots (click here) for 400g (which is a hell of a lot), it really is super value for money because it lasts forever! And nope, I'm not lying, it really does seem like Mary Poppin's bag - endless!

The application of this product is very easy, unlike some other spot treatments. As it is a thick white cream, I find it best to dabble on a bit at night to save me going out looking like a ghost! Besides, while sleeping your skin is repairing itself and Sudocrem can help your skin doing so.

As for the smell, this product smells like your average antiseptic cream- a little bit like your doctors, but slightly nicer. It also includes lavender fragrance which is barely noticeable unless you take a deep whiff, and is actually quite pleasant and hardly overpowering like other lavender scented products.

Before doing this post, I did a little bit of research because it says it helps 'acne' on the tub, so I'll try to explain how it works to fight spots:

Sudocrem contains zinc oxide, benzyl benzoate, as well as benzyl cinnamate to name a few. As you may already know, zinc oxide is really effective in clearing up your skin - it's used in many skin products targeted at acne sufferers. Benezyl benzoate and benzyl cinnamate both stimulate the skin to produce new skin cells and it stimulates the skin to recover itself.

I also researched what other things sudocrem is advised to use for:

  • Nappy rash (it's basically baby bum cream!) 
  • Shaving rash 
  • Eczema 
  • Sunburn and other minor burns 
  • Bed sores 
  • Dry skin 
  • Any redness/skin irritation 
  • Chicken pox 

So, in conclusion, I would probably rate this product 6/10. It's cheap and cheerful, it has many uses and it does an okay job at reducing the redness and inflammation of spots. Plus, it lasts forever and is pretty cheap too. It might not be the miracle worker everybody makes it out to be, but its not terrible either.

Much love, Lauryn x

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  1. My family also swear by Sudocrem.. I love the smell of it so any excuse to use it is a plus for me :P

    You've got yourself a new reader :) xx

  2. I think it's one of things no family bathroom cupboard is complete without...I must admit, it does smell pretty good! And aw thank you!:')

  3. haha! My family are the same with this stuff. It's always been called 'magic cream' There's been a tub in my household for as long as I can remember!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic



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