Friday, 18 October 2013

#Bloggoween - My Top 5 Halloween-inspired Nail Polishes!

Halloween. Its the time of the year when the vampires, werewolves and things that go 'BOO' in the night come out to haunt us all. Well, supposedly that is. Really, in this day and age Halloween is the time children go 'trick or treating' (although most people call it trickle treating - why?!) whilst us oldies stay indoors snuggled up in blankets stuffing our faces with copious amounts of sweets, drinking hot chocolate and eating pumpkin soup. That is not however the case if you have a great social life and get invited to lots of parties (er, uhum not me).

But to get you in the halloween spirit I've decided to take part in the project organised by the lovely Charley from called #bloggoween! Its such a fab idea because its bringing together a huuge variety of blogs to celebrate Halloween- blogger style! I had a quick think, and I decided that there will be tons of costume ideas, make up looks and foody posts, so I thought I would do a nail post - you can never have enough nail polishes! So this post is going to be my top 5 nail polishes for autumn #bloggoween post - yay!! So first up: nail varnishes: Halloween is the time we sadly put away our pinks and pastels and exchange them for our murky mysterious colours. I plan to pick up a couple more autumn/halloween/winter polishes ASAP but for the meantime here are my top 5:

From left to right; 'Nails Inc Victoria', 'Rimmel 391 Celebrity Bash', 'NYC 221B1 Spring Street' 'Fearne Cotton Burnt Out', and an deep blue-oil slick colour but the labels worn off (oopsies!)

If I could sum up autumn, it would be a merge of those colours. Firstly, halloween is not complete without somebody going as a glam vampire so a trusty vampire red will be your best friend if that is you. Next up, the two oranges, the Fearne Cotton and NYC are perfect for autumn as they remind me of a pumpkin and fire, pumpkin soup...the connotations are endless! 

So it was only a quick post today but as I mentioned before exams, dark and early mornings and a lack of coffee have kept me incredibly busy this week! On the plus side, I have some very exciting posts planned for next week! 

P.S. Its 7 minutes past six as I am about to press publish, my camera was playing up but there's nothing wrong with being 'fashionably' late is there?!...haha!

Much love, Lauryn x


  1. Great post, lovely colours especially Fearne Cotton Burnt Out :) xx

    1. Ah thank you so much! I love it - it makes my nails look like mini pumpkins haha! Thanks for the lovely comment :-) xxxx

  2. Love dark red nail polish! Looks amazing with a dark red lip too
    Ellen xo

    1. Definitely- you can't go wrong with a dark red lip and nail in a/w!!

  3. Hello lovely :) just letting you know I have nominated you with the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog at

    Becky xx

  4. those are perfect colors for Halloween ! just started to follow ur blog here
    .hope fulle u do the same :)


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