Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A little trip to the wonderful City of London

Hello there! We're now back at school which apart from chilly dark mornings, sniffling and hitting the snooze button far too often means that spur of the moment trips out with the family are far less common. Our shoulders are weighed down with tons of homework, exam dates seem to be always floating right ahead of us and the weather starts to get in our bad books. Anyway, last Saturday my family and I decided to make use of a sunny spell and headed up to London for the day. Not only did we SIT ACROSS FROM RIZZLE KICKS IN PIZZA EXPRESS!!), we looked around a vintage car motor show and had a good nose around some of the infamous shops on the likes of Regent Street, Bond Street and of course the infamous Oxford Street (Staring eye-wateringly at the prices - we can all dream...)  As per usual I took my trusty camera along and snapped away like a mad tourist. P.S. this is a very photo heavy post! 

Oxford street in all of its pretty (but extremely chilly!) Autumn day glory!


Please excuse the tumblr-esque cliché, but I think a Starbucks was certainly needed to keep my fingers saved from frostbite...

What shopping trip is complete without a stop in Lush? These two bath bombs are probably my favourites, but I did have a good nose at the christmas collection which smelt and looked, well, good enough to eat. On the subject of eating, (which I seem to be either doing or thinking about 24/7) we went to Pizza Express on Regent Street!

AHHHHHHH I was sat across from Rizzle Kicks in Pizza Express! I didn't get to talk to them as I felt really rude whilst they were eating and they were with other people. However, from what I could see they seemed like really down to earth, genuine guys who didn't expect special treatment due to being famous! *fangirling just a tad*

Asking for a nice sibling photo to frame...thank you to my little sister for ruining that idea.

The infamous and HUUUGGEEE Topshop on Oxford street! I hate to admit it...but I got lost, found myself in a bit of a fluster and had to grab for a map. Hm, well there went the chance of buying anything. Hey ho, maybe another time....

Selfridges. Possibly the greatest store in the world. Like most shops on Oxford Street, I could spend all day wandering around staring open mouthed at the amazing displays, products and mainly the skyscraper high prices.

I bought a cute Cath Kidston mug, yay!

Ah, whoever thought of this is simply a G.E.N.I.U.S

Is it just me, that whenever I'm on the tube I feel a lot like James Bond is going to come sprinting past me...nope, just me. Thought so.

On the way home we stopped off at my Grandad's boat yard for a firework display, bonfire and BBQ! Here's a (bad quality-sorry!) family photo, excluding my Dad who was taking the photo!

So that was my day out in london! I had a lovely day and I hope you enjoyed having a little look into my life.

Have you been to London recently?
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  1. I love reading when people have a day trip to London, I think I really take it for granted. It's such a beautiful city

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic

    1. Yes! I think we don't realise what a beautiful city it is and often ignore it. Thank you for the lovely comment!:-)

  2. I'd love to go to London! Your photos look gorgeous :)


    1. Thank you so much! London is an amazing city and we often forget about it! Where do you live?:-)

  3. gorgeous photos definitely jealous of you being so close to Rizzle Kicks!

    Kim xx


    1. Haha I didn't even realise it was them at first - it was only after my sister nudged me and told me! Thank you - I am slowly trying to improve my photos haha x

  4. Hey Lauryn.

    You have a lovely blog and oh wow Rizzle Kicks.. That is awesome they were that close to you. I love them.

    Just thought I'd tell you I nominated you for a Sunshine award.
    Take a look here to see the questions: http://talesofbeautypast.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/the-sunshine-award.html
    I can't wait to read your response.
    -Dani x

    1. hey dani! Thank you so much! I was pretty gobsmacked as well to be honest hahaha. Thank you for nominating me!:-)

  5. lovely pictures! can't believe you saw rizzle kicks! x


    1. aw thank you so much! I was also pretty shocked haha:)


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