Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Day: A jolly time of eating too much; sleeping grandparentsand an abundance of discarded wrapping paper!

Merry, merry Christmas to you indeed! I hope you are well; perhaps snuggled up by the fire watching the Queen's infamous yet nonetheless rather boring speech, or gobbling down turkey, whilst gravy and cranberry sauce is dripping down your chin. No matter what you're doing, Christmas day is the time when the entire family, of all generations come together to rejoice in giving, eating and just having a jolly whale of a time.

I love Christmas day. From when I was little, waking up at the first cockerels calling and running into my parents' room, whilst belting out 'Last Christmas' by Wham at the top of my lungs was always the best part of the day. Jumping onto my parents' bed to hear them groggily moaning about the time, yet nonetheless dragging their half asleep souls downstairs to see if the man himself, Santa Claus had made a well-anticipated visit. And all in order to see the stupendous, elephant sized grin light up my face from ear to ear. I used to stare wide eyed at the vast array of beautifully wrapped gifts piled in the living room, unsure where to start. But behold, my amazement did not stop there. Once I'd seen the half eaten mince pie, carrot (for the reindeer's of course) and empty glass of milk, my childish dreams and wishes of Santa Claus were well and truly alive. I may now be 14, but the Santa Claus tradition is still running strong within our household with my little brother being 8. Bless. 

Christmas would not be Christmas without the food. Plates piled high with pigs in blankets; stuffing; Yorkshire pud's, and a vast array of weird and wonderful veggies are confronted by many pairs of eager wide eyes, impatiently anticipating the moment when you can stuff your faces until your stomach is at the point of exploding. 

Not long after the annual-eat-as-much-as-you-can-eating antics have occurred, the entire grandparent brigade happen to doze off for a an hour or so on the sofa. The mulled wine, celebrations and quality street appear, although everyone acts oblivious to the fact they are ready to give birth to a food-baby.

At around 6 'o' clock, when you think you can possibly eat no more, even if your life depends on it, an unspoken agreement takes place that cheese and biscuits; leftover-turkey sandwiches and fruit cake are high in demand. Yes, more food. How stereotypically British. This is the time when the specially made Christmas soaps come on TV (I'm thinking of you, Call The Midwife, Downton Abbey and Outnumbered), which we all reluctantly (although secretly eagerly) settle down for, next to the comforting warmth of the fire and the twinkling of Christmas tree lights.

Christmas may be stereotypical, but its wonderfully stereotypical; a chance for everybody to embrace the magical simplicity of pure love and happiness.
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  1. I looooove Christmas! :D
    It is my favourite time of the year! I love that the whole family gets together, that there is plenty of food, and that we all just chill. ^_^ Also, I eat so much in that one day that it takes me another three days to get back in order. :D Ah well, it's all worth it in the end.
    Merry Christmas! <333

    1. Hahaha, this comment made me laugh:') I always feel like I have a 'food baby' growing inside of me! I do it every year, you would have thought I would've learnt from my mistakes by now! But then again, seeing big smiles on everybodys faces, all of the laughing and joy of christmas really does make it all worth it. I hope you had a brillaint christmas, lauryn xxx

  2. Happy Christmas Lauryn ! Hope you have a brilliant day xx

    1. Merry christmas to you too Grace! I hope you had a wonderful day filled with fun and laughs, and recieved everything you asked for! lots of love lauryn xxx


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