Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fab Fiction Thursday #11: Tape by Steven Camden*

'Unexpectedly Brilliant' is how I would describe this book. I expected a run of the mill teen romance full of cliche's which ultimately ends in the two protagonists 'getting together' and living happily ever after. But this is no such book. This book, although initially confusing, soon picked up pace and constructed a world which I fell in love with.

The tale tells the story of Ryan and Ameliah; two 13 year olds with unique stories twenty years apart, yet bound infinitely by an old cassette tape. 

The entire book was a guessing game. Although Camden forebode some parts, and subtly hinted at others, it kept me reading right to the end until the final pieces of the jigsaw fell into place.

Though the use of innocent and explorative language, Camden has managed to completely capture the emotions of the two protagonists. I loved both characters and each were relatable in their own way. I related to Ameliah's awkwardness and admirable honesty. On the other hand, I related to Ryan's inferiority as well as willingness and believe in the universe. Camden wove the basic characters into wonderful specimens that I would love to meet and find out more about. The intricate way that their two stories are carefully bound together is completely unexpected yet nonetheless fascinating. 

The book finishes more or less perfectly, with the majority of loose ends being tied up, albeit leaving a few minor ends loose which adds to the though provoking aspects of the novel. 

The narrative of the novel, whilst in third person managed to remain down to earth and 'real', nonetheless managing to constantly litter the pages with beautiful descriptions and intriguing thoughts. Whilst I'm usually a big fan of first person novels, I don't think that the novel would have had quite the outstanding impact it did if it had been in a different style of writing. The novel flowed brilliantly and did not feel disjointed or slightly confusing in the slightest.

However, although I say this, at times the dialogue seemed unfinished, which could lead to confusion on the readers behalf. This was due to a lack of quotation marks that at times, left you guessing who was speaking.

Another small flaw to this novel was the 'time travel' aspect. Without giving too much away, I think that other than the two or three times the 'time travel' influenced form of communication occurred, it played no other relevance. I think that this could have either been exaggerated, or cut, because although the idea was 'nice', it didn't really cut it.

The novel encompasses a wondrous array of genres and plots, all intricately woven into a beautiful story that grips you from the start. Camden in incredibly talented and yo think that this is his debut novel is astonishing.

Camden has wrote an incredible piece of art that I am in no doubt will become a best seller amongst young adult readers looking for the conventional teen novel with underlying messages and a twist that leaves your mind reeling for days. 

This book is due to be released on January 30th 2014. To get your hands on a copy before hundreds of expectant teenagers flock to order this wonderful novel, you can pre order it on Amazon HERE: 

*PR copy sent for consideration of review. All opinions expressed are my own and I was in no doubt influenced by the company.


  1. I absolutely love book reviews and this one seems like it's lovely

  2. Really enjoyed your review, this book sounds really interesting and I love the front cover.

    Rosie x |

  3. You do the best reviews Lauryn! This book sounds great, I'll definitely be giving it a read x

  4. I've read so many mixed reviews (mostly bad ones I will be honest) about this book on the blogsphere that I don't actually know what you think about it!

  5. This book sounds interesting.

  6. This book sounds so good! I'd love to add it to my Amazon list for future reads :)

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  7. I recently read and reviewed Tape and thought it was great, so I 100% agree with you! I was also expecting the sort of teen romance type thing but was more than pleasantly surprised- it has an honorary place on my bookshelf and I'll no doubt be lending it out here and there.
    Great review!
    L xo


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