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The Rise of the Teen Blogger

Teens have well and truly invaded the bloggosphere. We now come in a pack, united by weekly #tbloggers chats, and contrary to previous woes, are now fully integrated in the blogging community. Forget experienced MUA's, or your typical fashion grads, us students have turned the internet on our side to create our own little blogging community. We may not have the latest Macbooks, draws full to the brim of Channel goodies or a magazine beauty cupboard to help ourselves to, but we do have determination, support and passion. That's all you really need, eh? (although the other goodies would be rather nice, if we're quite frankly honest). The internet has developed into a tool to which we, being the new found generations of 'teenagers' (a word that only developed in the late 50s) have embraced, with the attitude nostalgic of 'full steam ahead'. The rapidity with which the role of the teenager has adapted is reflected in the current teens taking the internet by storm. And some of these teens are really set to become big. Rather than my traditional rambling (shock horror) I went out and interviewed some teen bloggers who right now, are embracing the power of the internet to the nines. Literally. Now why don't you grab yourself a cup of tea, some custard creams and snuggle down to have a good read about these teens who are truly set to become the next Tavi Gevinson...

At the mere age of 13 most girls are still eagerly feeding their Tammigotchi's, wearing clothes bought by great aunts for Christmas and experimenting bright green shimmery eye shadow with a shaky hand for the first time. But Tolmeia, known as 'Tolly Dolly Posh' is not most girls. Far from it. At the mere age of 13, this girl has been seen in The Telegraph magazine, Mizz magazine and Girl Talk magazine. Not impressed enough yet? Tolly has also spoken about global kids fashion week on BBC radio 4 and was shortlisted as best teen blog in the company magazine awards. Wow. This girl is going places, now that, my friends, is clear to anyone. I think it's time to quit the rambling and get introduced to this wonder of a woman (girl, although the alliteration did not have quite the same effect...).

Introduce yourself and your blog!

My name is Tolly aka Tolly Dolly Posh. I'm 13 and I blog about fashion and personal style.
What inspired you to start blogging?
My goal is to become a fashion designer, so I thought it would be a good place to start. It was for a bit of fun (it still is of course) but now it's more of a real passion of mine. 
You have been featured in many a wonderful places, online, and in print. What do you think makes your blog, 'stand out from the crowd'?
I don't think I stand out from the crowd, I guess my blog is quite professional compared to other teen bloggers in a way. I hate to say that, but I feel like a lot of teen bloggers don't have the knowledge just yet, but through my experience I have gained a lot more. I'm very grateful for my features though.
If you were to meet one icon, who would it be and what would you wear?
Hmm, probably Paul Smith. He's so unique and inspiring. I would probably wear some floral hareem trousers I have with a more smart blouse and my ASOS Soldier Heels - they're silver, which is pretty cool.
If you could fast forward 5 years, do you still see 'Tolly Dolly Posh Fahion' as strong as it is today?
In 5 years, I will be just about to turn 19. I hope that by then I have started to really work on my brand I am selling things and really starting my fashion designing ambition. I think my blog will always be there even if I don't personally write it when I'm older.

You were (and still are in my opinion) one of the original teen bloggers. How has the role of the 'teen blogger' changed over the past few years?
I know what you mean. When I started it felt like it was just me, but then I started to find the odd few, and people started to catch on and realise that anyone, however old they are, can blog. I don't think there is a role though. I guess teen bloggers have been 'accepted' more, but I feel because there are so many new teen bloggers, who don't necessarily have the knowledge, a lot of people tend to disregard teen's, which I think was a lot different when I started as their fewer (so people would read them).

I agree there with you Tolly! Thanks for the fab chat! You can find Tolly on the platforms below: 

Blog: www.tollydollyposhfashion.com Bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/4584529 Twitterwww.twitter.com/tollydollyposh Facebookwww.facebook.com/tollydollyposh Instagramwww.instagram.com/tdposh

 Next in the line up, I introduce Rose and Vintage. This is a blog that makes me want to hop on the next bus to Camden and Brick Lane in order transform myself into an 'Ellie'. I would personally define 'an Ellie' as a unique 'vintage' girl who listens to great music and is amazing at art. Not forgetting being able to somehow yet nonetheless perfectly and effortlessly pull off my nans wardrobe with just the right dollop of 'cool'. It's rather incredible. And that is exactly who Ellie, from the wonderful blog, 'Rose and Vintage' is (along with her just as cool hamster named Elvis). Somehow reading through Ellie's excellently written posts makes me want to run away and transform my rather average being into an 'Ellie'. Eh. Now why don't you have a little read of this interview, and after checking out Rose and Vintage (even the name makes me pink with envy) you'll be longing to become an 'Ellie' just as much as I do...

Introduce yourself and your blog!
I'm Ellie, and I'm a 16 year old english and art student from London. I love everything vintage including books, music, film and fashion. I blog about what I'm up to and the places I visit on my regular escapades around London, and the sometimes unusual clothes I wear.
What inspired you to start blogging?

I began reading blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere, Fashion Toast and The Style Bubble back when I was 13, and thought blogging would be a good thing for me to do as it combined my love of English and writing with my interest in fashion. It wasn't until I was 15 and discovered Rookie magazine that I finally managed to start keeping my own.
You have a very unique fashion sense. How do you think that this has helped your blog to 'stand out from the crowd?
My style has changed quite significantly over the time I've been blogging, going from very 90s grunge to very, well, odd at times. I would't necessarily think that my blog stands out in any way, but I just hope that the outfits I post are interesting enough to keep my readers wanting to see more.
How do you think that the 'teen blogger' fares in blogger hierarchy?

I personally feel that the 'teen blogger' is more relevant now than it ever has been before...since Tavi Gevinson became the icon that she is, the numbers of younger people blogging has increased significantly. It makes sense; if you think about it, a lot of blog readers are teenagers, so it's only right that they should be able to take advice and read about people their own age. Teens also don't necessarily have the same reservations as some adults, and are not as confined by 'fashion', if you see what I mean. For example, a 14 year old can decide to completely channel dora the explorer for a day and that's perfectly ok in the eyes of society because 'hey she's only 14', whereas a 28 year old dressing as minnie mouse on a daily basis might attract more negative attention. I don't know. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's quite freeing to be a teenager.
If you were to meet one icon, who would it be and what would you wear?
I would jump at the opportunity to meet Dame Vivienne Westwood. She is such an inspiration to me in so many ways. I would wear my absolute best clothes, though I'm not sure exactly what as most of my wardrobe is from my local charity shop. I would love to meet Iris Apfel too.
Where do you see your blog taking you in five years?
I would love my blog to help me work my way into a career I love. I want to spend my life doing something I enjoy, and I hope keeping my blog will help me do that. I intend to keep my blog too - I'm an obsessive documenter, and I enjoy it.

I love the phrase an 'obsessive documenter', partially because it describes my personality pretty well too...thank you for the chat! You can find Ellie on the platforms below: 

Laura Louise is one girl who manages to write every post like it was aimed at you, with the perfect mix of lifestyle, with a bit of beauty and various reflection posts thrown in. This is a blog that deserves so much more recognition, if not only for her completely down to earth and genuinely lovely personality.
Introduce yourself and your blog!
My blog is pretty random, I tend to post whatever comes into my mind which is usually long inspirational posts, snapshots of my life and the occasional beauty/fashion post thrown in there. My blog is like an outlet for me which is probably why it's never very consistent in terms of what I post.
What inspired you to start blogging?

I've always been interested in writing and loved how people used blogging as a platform to share their opinions, but I never really had the confidence to start one based on the thought that so many people could do it better than me. However after reading Celine's blog
(http://vintage-teapot.blogspot.co.uk/) religiously for a few months, I finally decided to just give it a go!
How do you think that the 'teen blogger' fares in blogger hierarchy?
I think we're all equal and that the age we are
doesn't necessarily rank us on our importance. Especially when it comes to blogging, I find that people care more about what you have to say than your age and luckily I've never been witness to anyone criticising teenage bloggers.
How has blogging developed you as a person?
I like to think it's improved my writing, which kind of helps me to justify writing a blogpost when I should be doing English homework.. But aside from academically I definitely have become more confident when it comes to talking to people (I used to get nervous joining in the twitter chats!). Also, I seem to notice the good things in life more, mainly because I'm taking notice for what I can write about.

What do you hope to achieve in the future with your blog?
I hope I'm still blogging for a really long time, still documenting my life through bad photos and long paragraphs filled with nonsense (I'm not the best at advertising my blog, am I?) I would also really like to make more friends and continue to enjoy it!

Sounds like a good plan, although I'm sure people will see for themselves...haha. Thank you for the lovely chat! If you liked reading Laura's interview, you can find her on the platforms below: 

Now, hands up if you turn pink with envy at the sight of perfectly executed nail art? *puts hand up*. Visit islaay.com and within minutes you'll be as pink as, well, a very pink person. If my nails turned out half as nice as Islay's always do, I would be one very happy bunny. 18 year old Islay has it all going for her; for starters, she is one pretty duckling, who happens not to be all looks and style with her head in the make up clouds. No, Islay is a lovely girl with an incredible writing style too. Oh, and did I mention she shares my tiny obsession (translate that into rather incredibly huge) passion for pinks, pastels and vintage florals?...

Introduce yourself and your blog!
I started islaay.com just over two years ago as my place to talk about beauty, fashion and nail art and that's still pretty much what it is today. I'm an 18 year old British student studying geography, photography and business with a passion for anything pink, floral and pretty. 
What inspired you to start blogging?
Before I started my blog I had been watching YouTube and reading other blogs such as FleurDeForce, Tanya Burr, Elle and Blair Fowler and Zoella for a couple of years and decided it was something I could do myself so I ended up creating a blogger account and ended up with my own little blog and I haven't looked back since!

How has social media benefited your blog?
The main reason I love social media is meeting new people through it. I always find new friends and bloggers through sites such as twitter and Instagram and they are both great platforms to share your blog and to get it found by people with a similar interest to you!

Since starting your blog, how do you think the perception of the 'teen blogger' has changed?
When I started I had just turned sixteen and I felt very young compared to many other bloggers as they were mostly in their twenties. I now feel like there is a much greater teen blogger community and it's really grown and developed over the past while! I believe it's great to start younger and to start developing all the skills when you're a teenager- if could even help land you a job when you're older too so that makes it even better!
Where do you see your blog taking you in the future?
Recently when I was applying to universities and writing my personal statement my blog was a main feature of what I wrote about to make myself stand out against the other candidates and subsequently I managed to get all four of my offers within a week of sending off my forms. I think that university is one of the best experiences you can have and without my blog I don't feel I would of had as great a chance of succeeding in moving forwards in my life without it! I would love to continue to meet new people and get all the cool experiences that bloggers get and I am looking forward to the coming year and seeing what it has to bring for islaay.com!

I've never really considered that, but I guess blogging is each and every blogger's unique point, it stands you out from the crowd! Thank you for the lovely chat Islay, and keep up with what you're doing! You can find Islay on the platforms below: 
Blog: http://www.islaay.com/ Bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/3814357/islaay Twitter: http://twitter.com/laural0uisee Instagram http://instagram.com/islaay

A blog that combines a multitude of themes that all link up together in a weird and wonderful way is the best type of blog. I love fashion blogs, with hundreds of unique '#OOTD's' (that cost a gazillion pounds) to gorge over, but each post is a little 'samey' and that's the exact reason I love 'Hello You' by Nora Lilly. Its such a quirky little blog that is rather reminiscent of a quirky little cottage shop with hundreds of precious little treasures inside, just waiting to be discovered. Nora Lilly's blog has so many little quirks you could easily whittle away your night reading every single post of hers. Not that I've ever actually done that...*cough* lie *cough*. Moving on. 'Indie' is a phrase that has been used around recently to no extent. Forget your typical 'SWAG' beanies *facepalms*, Nora Lilly is rather 'indie' in my opinion. Not for tops emblazoned with face-palm-inducing slogans, but for individuality. Because that's what 'indie' really represents to be frank, and not all of those want-to-be-cool-but-in-the-process-I'm-'mainsteam' wannabees. And that is what I love about http://hello-you-blog.blogspot.co.uk/. Every time I visit the site I'm guaranteed to be presented with a completely unique post that makes me want to re-read every single post once again. Yes, this blog is pretty addictive...

Introduce yourself and your blog!
Well, as you already know, my name's Nora Lilly and I'm a sporadic teen blogger who likes to post mainly about photography, music, art and fashion. I've been part of the blogosphere since I began "Hello You" on 11th April last year and am now totally addicted! Although I might not post as often or as regularly as some bloggers, I love having my own little corner of the internet and being part of the blogging community.
Describe your blog is five words:
If I had to describe my blog in five words... Creative, Disorganised, Friendly, Imaginative, Spontaneous. 

What inspired you to start blogging?
I was inspired to start blogging after I found Lynzi's blog, Being Little, and began regularly reading lots of other fashion & photography blogs. I realised that it was something I wanted to give a go and seeing how much of a positive, welcoming, community feel there was gave me the confidence to start. I really liked the idea of having somewhere to share my interests.
You don't blog for a particular niche-you cover a lot of topics! How has this helped the development of your blog?

I've never given myself any boundaries or rules as to what themes I should to blog about, I just post things that interest me or I think might interest my readers. For me, this is what makes blogging less stressful and more of an engaging hobby. I think the mix of themes helps to attract lots of different readers. It also helps me get to know what topics are the most popular and which I enjoy writing about most. This attitude towards blogging has developed the style of my blog and helped me to realise that I don't "need" to post anything, it's my blog so I can post what I want to!
How has your blog developed you as a person?
Blogging has definitely had a big impact on who I am and has really influenced my outlook on life, definitely for the better. I'm so much more confident and self-assured now. I mean, it's really nice to interact with people who have the same interests as you. It sounds so daft but it's such a positive hobby - you feel great because you make the effort to give compliments to others and you feel happy in yourself when others give you good comments. I've made sooo many fabulous new friends through blogging!

If you were to meet one icon, who would it be and what would you wear?

If I were to meet an icon?...hmm... I'd love to meet Florence Welch (aka Florence & the Machine) because I'm a big fan of her music and stunning fashion sense. I want her wardrobe! Plus, she always looks so beautiful with that amazing red hair. Major girl crush! If I were to meet her I'd probably wear something not too overstated; my black floral tea dress with denim jacket and DMs. Otherwise, I'd probably freak out that I was meeting her and put way too much effort into my outfit and that's when things go horribly wrong....

Well, there we have it. Five teens who seem set to take over blogging as we know it. Whether these teens will be head of the blogging clan in 5 years time, or sitting at Anna Wintour's desk, one thing is for sure; teens have well and truly invaded the bloggosphere. Indeed, the The Rise of the Teen Blogger is set to quadrupole.

Who is your favourite teen blogger?



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