Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Little Blogging Space

The Arctic Monkeys blaring out of my battered speakers, a legion of notes spread out in front of me and my trusty mug of tea, embody the blogging process behind this little corner-of the internet. The desk, considerably chaotic with an array of mug-stains, company magazines, and a rather odd mish-mash of fragmentary objects is the humble abode of my blog-undertaking. Upon this humble abode lay many a contributor to, what, quite frankly, is the hair-pulling, keyboard slamming and all round rather taxing antics of blogging. Unreliable laptops, a huge smirk upon their screens, confidently deciding to shut down half-way through a post;  hours of HTML malfunctioning when finally uploaded and many a spilled cup of tea are all too common shenanigans that counterpart the undoubtedly wonderful side to blogging.

The sluggish laptop that rests complacently upon my desk remains my chief blog-undertaking piece of tech. Whilst it has seemingly established a consistent routine of throwing minute-ly software update 'reminders' at me, predominantly regarding software already installed, it does the job. Despite taking the exact time to fully boot up as it takes for me to make a cup of tea, reluctantly change out of my pyjama's and wrestle my hair into something socially acceptable,  this chief blog-undertaking piece of tech does multi-task as a hot water bottle on cold wintry nights with thanks to an over-heating fan. That is, in addition to acting as the equivalent of an exercise bike to my fingers (the utmost exercised part of my body), it is the cauldron of my online creations *attempts cackle hysterically like a psychotic witch but ends up sounding rather likened to a drowning rat*. 

A once-dropped-down-the-loo iPhone is submerged between the jumble of papers and other frivolous nic-nacs upon this increasingly chaotic desk; reminding me of its location with the odd 'ping' now and again. My portable tech, in the form of my ever so reliable iPhone 4s, is whom I spent my valentine's day with. It turns out that frustratingly tapping away at the blogger app proves a wonderful Valentines date. Putting that aside, I do cherish my phone. Its portable technology at its best. I would even go as far as labelling it a portable office. Overused apps in the name of Evernote, Twitter, Bloglovin and Instagram, as well as the not so glamorous 'Flappy Bird' (to which we are all secretly addicted too) are key in our so called 'portable offices'. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again: technology is inescapable in this day and age.  Our memories are tucked away safely within the folds of our Instagram accounts; our thoughts are expressed in a maximum of 160 characters and our conversations go by the name of SMS. You don't need to visit the dingy internet cafe a mile down the road; your emails are, quite literally, at your side. Society is now fully dependant on a portable office. No longer is work, in the words of Dolly Parton '9 till' 5', but rather '24/7'. 

And that's just it. I don't have to wait until I'm procrastinating prior to homework at my desk after getting off the headache-inducing school bus. I could check my emails, tweet, instagram, and all of that other jazz all day long. That is, if only my school allowed us to have our phones on us *which is the sole rule that everybody, according to the teachers, sticks to*. 

I could work on the beach (albeit an Antarctic-cold, seaweed-y, dog-poo-y British beach). On a plane. On a jet ski (subject to having a deliriously priced water-proof phone case). Up a tree. In a hot air balloon. In a cave. In a submarine 1000m below sea level. Or perhaps within my trusty pillow fort upon my bed. You name it. Technology is a portable office at its best. We are not restricted by dusty wires from the 80's connecting our Nokia's reminiscent of bricks to a phone line. We do not have to rely on snail-mail to send an important message in this day and age, with great thanks to the development of email. Our offices have the possibility to be anywhere, anytime. 

What's your take on the increasingly common portable office?

Have a lovely week my chums,

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  1. Love this post, unfortunately, I don't have room for a desk as I live in a flat in the city centre of Manchester! :( I usually curl up on the sofa, with a mug of tea, watching whichever series I'm currently obsessed with on Netflix! Really like your blog :) Danielle xx

  2. Ah, a dolly parton reference, the mentioning of so much tea and once again your incredible writing skills! you are so good at this!

  3. Great post. My blog set up, is that Im sat on my bed,a laptop, on my lap, mug of coffee next to me, a Yankee candle burning on my bedside table and bits of paper all strewn across the duvet next to me.

  4. Such a lovely post! I absolutely love your Cath Kidston Mug xxx

  5. I know! I think we all have these spaces where we sit and blog and I agree with you on how technology and the internet is taking over.
    Zoha xx


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