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Body Image: What does 'perfect' entail?

Society as whole constantly influences, and is influenced, by itself. We live in a society in which everybody finds it hard to express oneself as an individual, leading to many carbon-copies of the same person.

These clones are all down to the man made constraints and pressures determined by our society; the latest trends floating around the fashion world and the latest products lining the shelves of boots.

It's hard to truthfully answer whether we are truly comfortable in the way we are, in both personality and looks. Everybody has flaws, its innate in everybody to have, and be aware of certain flaws. If we were all barbie models, we probably still wouldn't be comfortable in ourselves. Sure, I get down about my appearance once in a while, or I feel stupid in a social group every so often, but its part of life. Who we are, what we look like, and what's inside will remain the same no matter how much plastic surgery, 'false personalities' and hiding away you do. We just have to accept our flaws, and as cheesy as it sounds, turn them around into positives.

Society creates the problems, but it is society who also criticizes everybody for these exact problems. Society is responsible for both developing self-conscious individuals, and also responsible for helping such individuals. It's all a huge juxtaposing cycle.

Such feelings are only emphasized by the media. Magazines filled with glossy pages of grasshopper thin models, with 'perfect' skin, hair and teeth do little to console the nation's self-conscious women.

Airbrushing is an entire other topic to explore. In my personal opinion, all forms of airbrushing should be banned in the media as it is such a de-moralizing idea-suggesting that the 'prettiest' of us all still needs editing - it ultimately reinforces the idea that nobody is 'truly perfect', even if it is in an unnecessary and ridiculous way. We want to see real people; the images need to be a realistic depiction. If you're looking to see how a particular piece of clothing looks, you do not want to be seeing an airbrushed to the high heavens image. You want a real portrayal of how it will look. The average size of women in the UK is a size 14, yet mannequins and models still sit smugly at a size 6.

But that's the thing. There is no such thing as 'perfect'. How would you determine someone, or something, 'perfect'? You could define 'perfect' as a multitude of things. It could be a small figure, a large figure; a tiny nose or a big nose; green eyes or blue eyes. The possibilities as to what 'perfect' entails is infinite. Who decided that models should be six foot, with a size 0 body and clear skin? Who decided that cellulite, a wonky nose, yellow teeth, spots and dark circles are ugly? Society.

It's hard not to feel jealous at times. I usually have a blogging down for a few days per month-normally after reading an incredible blog. I find myself comparing my blog to theirs, and think of ways that my blog could be better. But in the end this simply works as motivation to keep blogging, and being the best I can be.

Chin up. Don't let yourself feel down. You're YOU, you're unique, special, and one of a kind. You may not be like THAT girl in school, but just because you don't have wonderful long hair or 'perfectly' straight teeth, it doesn't make you 'not as good as her'. Take those flaws and turn them into the perks of your personality. I will leave you with my favourite quote from Roald Dahl:

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

If you need a (virtual) shoulder to cry on, then I'm only a short email, tweet or comment away - I will always be happy to offer a (cyber) hug!

What are your opinions on body image; what 'perfect' entails, and the acts of the media?

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