Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Nostalgia. Its an odd thing. Sparked by something vaguely familiar, nostalgia is fabricated by an intricate feeling; a feeling that evolves a deep tremor of emotion in the pit of your stomach, gradually creeping into every vein and corner of your body, until you become overwhelmed by a sense of déjà vu, and a whole blend of emotions.

It could be the echo of a song from a shop as you walk by; the smell of an old book; a familiar person in the street, or more often than not, this wonderful nostalgia is brought on by photographs.

Used to document our lives, from our first steps to our funeral, photographs play a huge role within society. Photographs are used to depict a moment; to store one tender memory for generations on end. 

Looking back on old photographs; the distant, musky smell, the familiarity and the fizzle of emotion brought on, do no more than to introduce a heavy cloud of nostalgia. 

Whilst prints are slowly retreating with the increase of the digital era, hidden away in your grandparents loft, photography still plays a hugely relevant role. The transformation of photography was the sole responsibility of the invasion of the digital camera. Whilst the digital camera is not such a recent invention, technology has been grabbed ferociously by its hands and manipulated into the world of apps. Instagram, the prime culprit, is accompanied by its fellow photo-editing fugitives in overruling printed photography.

Not one of the 10, 000 odd images stored away in the folds of my laptop exist in print. These photos, that depict each and every moment of my teenage years so far will never be eagerly scrutinized in the sticky hands of my 3 year old grandchildren, the way that I once did. The smell of the attic, and old museums will never linger upon these prints, pinpointing special moment my life, unless I turn them into physical memories.

These images portray just a few of my adventures over the past few years. Each image has it's own, unique adventure attached to it; the stigma that time and time again enforces a strong sense of emotion.

Reminisce. In today's society, it's rare that we appreciate life in all it's form and glory. Print those pictures you've had stores on your cranky laptop for years on end. Tuck them away with in a beautiful photo album, only to return in 20 years time to show your grandchildren.

What do you like to reminisce upon?
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