Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Procrastination. We all do it; it's innate within the best of us.

Absent-mindedly scrolling through social media feeds; our eyes glazed and our heads elsewhere. Idly ignoring the task at hand, we complete air headed time-fillers to take our mind off the imminent necessity of duties heading in our direction.

As Edward Young once said, "Procrastination is the thief of time". Procrastination is the lost hour; the hour in which the golden light gradually ceases to filter through the windows on a spring afternoon; the hour in which the clock seems to hasten its hands. You are at the hands of lost time, manipulated and fooled by the enticing nature of the twitter-sphere and rather pointless apps, forcing you to whittle away your time on activities that whilst updating you on Lauren Goodger's (latest) clothing line, serve you no other greater purpose.

Time. Its a man made concept. A concept which constraints society. Time is the real stigma of procrastination; time is the controller; the Miranda priestly of society. Time is the greatest fugitive yet the greatest leader. Time is the controller of how we live our lives. Time is the puppet master and we are the puppets; we are enslaved to time.

It's ridiculously easy to whittle away an hour or two, whilst achieving not a great deal at all. I could dilly dally all day long. Whether this is reading through my twitter timeline, glancing through Facebook or painting my nails, I will do anything to delay an imminent and unpleasant task for a few minutes. 

Procrastination is simply a time filler. The act of undertaking dim activities to pass prospectively productive time. The act is ingrained in our human nature. Whether this is having a one sided conversation with a pet about a whole range of stoical thoughts, mindlessly flicking through a magazine or doodling on your school work (none of which I can claim the act of doing so to), procrastination is inescapable.

Do you procrastinate often? 

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