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Review: YSL Touche Éclat Pen*

It's often said that "The best things come in small packages." Despite common pre-conceptions, I have concluded this quote rather at fault. In fact, "The best things come in small, golden pens".

(Quick Disclaimer: Not the sought after, sickly solvent smelling golden pens found in your typical British primary school.)

It's not the best kept secret around here that I'm an avid skincare fanatic. I could spend more time than Lord Sugar does spinning around on his chair, testing out each and every new skincare product. Yet, I (reluctantly) have to accept that often or not, skincare just doesn't always make the cut.

This is where YSL step in. Yves Saint Laurent (insert fancy French pronunciation), with their wonderful cauldron consisting of the Touche Éclat. They have usurped skincare in this field. The vast array of dark-circle banishing, light replenishing products existing in my current surplus skincare stash have been put on the back burner whilst this little golden cult product battles its way into my heart.

On the contrary to the rather common delusion that this is a concealer, the YSL is in fact solely a highlighter. It contains micro-shimmer particles, which ingeniously fool the eye into believing that light is reflecting. This does not conceal nasty dark spots or awful under eye bags. Contrastingly, it draws attention to them. Consider applying the Touche Éclat the same as thrusting these imperfections into centre stage, under limelight. This concealer association seems to have infiltrated the minds of many, and has seemingly worsened to a greater degree in recent years. Don't let the myriad of copy cat products out there on the market sway your mind; rest assure, the Touche Éclat is, and has only every been, a highlighter.

The application of the Touche Éclat is a (wonderful) piece of cake. The 'clicky' motion, likened to a biro pen, ensures that the preferred amount of product is guaranteed, with little, or no excess product spared. The highlighter itself glides seamlessly onto the skin. It's incredibly easy to work with, and an equal result is provided whether you're getting in on the action with your fingers or you're using a make up brush. The brush that the product is dispensed out of is fine, sturdy but smooth, thus making it perfect for application.

Whilst the highlighter is strikingly sheer, this creates a luminous, glowing feel to your skin, rather than the cakey, somewhat gloopy finish as found with many highlighters and (dare I say it), concealers. In the words of YSL themselves, the Touche Éclat really does do an ideal job of fooling the outer world into believing you had those much-needed 8 hours under the duvet. 

Regardless of it's cult-status, I was dubious to say the least. At £25, I expected this highlighter to be made of liquid gold. Is it? No. Indeed, far from it; the two main ingredients are mineral oil and water. However, it is the offspring of YSL, an extremely well-to-do, high end luxury goods brand. In all honesty, I wholeheartedly believe that the price is a reflection of the brands image. The price tag is not for the quality, rather, the branding. That is not to say I am displeased with the performance as a whole. However, I hope I'm not the only one when I say that twenty five British Sterling Pounds seems a tad (read: extremely excessive) price tag for a whole 0.1 fl oz of product.

If you have the spare cash, then do not let me fool you into believing that this is not a brilliant product. It truly is. I wholeheartedly urge you to sprint over to the Harvey Nichols site and spend some of your well-earned pennies on something that I assure you will not let you down. Alas, if you're unwilling to justify a somewhat ridiculous price tag, then join me in hunting the make up isles for a near-perfect dupe. See you there!

Have you tried the YSL Touche Éclat Pen? Can you justify the price?
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