Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Adventuring in Wales: Beachcombing at Sunset

With the possible exclusion of a Hogwarts letter dropping though your letterbox on your 13th birthday, or perhaps every 5 year old's birthday party magician with a rabbit-producing-hat, one of the rare places that ever feels so slightly magical is upon a sunset ridden beach. 

In all due honesty its probably the salty air invading your ability to function normally, awashing you with a heavy and cloudy sense of nostalgia. The result? Feeling a little on the delirious side and a bit too happy-go-lucky. Yet this does nothing to console the tickle of the wind, the warm glaze of the sun and the hazy golden light filtering through the clouds. It's infective. 

It's as if all of the 'can't-believe-it's-not-butter'-ry goodness shatters into a flurry of golden nerve impulses that swarm through your veins; enveloping you in a sense of lost time anda short lived sense of invincibility.

It's when this soft haze blinks through the candy-floss-like clouds in all of its near-phosphorescent glory that causes you to truly reflect upon life without the constant pressure of society behind you with their pitchforks and flame throwers ready to criticise and humiliate any member of the younger generation at a moments notice. It's simply pure escapism.

I love the beach. Especially when you find mislaid bric a brac (crazy old vintage beer bottle lids and the like) or simply an abundance of dainty pretty shells, filled with the soft nostalgic glow of pink from the sky.

What's your opinion of the beach? have a lovely week my chums! 

P.S. THANK YOU so much for 1000 followers on bloglovin! I have a very wordy and soppy post (hint hint giveway hint hint) in the line up but with lots of exams and the like on the horizon posts are expected to be spontaneous and most likely half finished or simply a reflection of late nights and pre-exam I guess, ahem, see you soon?!
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