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It's that time once again, in which a plethora of posts appear in a plea for a nomination, the blogging world is abuzz with nervous energy and secret spitefulness. It is, in fact, the time of the Company Magazine Blogger Style Awards, this year in association with Missguided. There's (apparently) a £250 Missguided voucher up for grabs in a prize draw out of everyone who nominates somebody-how exciting!

Whilst the awards are predominantly fashion based, my blog (albeit having a small emphasis on fashion) is essentially a lifestyle and beauty blog. Alas, unlike the last blogging awards in which the teen category was for 'The Best Teen FASHION Blogger', this year its been altered in my favour to 'Style' blogger. So, if you're willing to accept a little creativity and thinking outside of the box, I am wholeheartedly hoping for my entry to be considered valid under 'LIFE style' and 'WRITING style' that too cheeky?

If you enjoy reading my blog; if you have been reading since 'Funfairs and Fairydust' was still a thing, or you're a new reader (in which here is a big hello and warm welcome!) and feel that 'Lauryn's Notebook' is deserving of such an incredible award, I will personally escort as many *virtual* goodies as you fancy if you would take a few minutes to vote for under the Best Teen Blog category!

Company Magazine has evolved into a creative resource (proof in the form of the multiple magagazine-cut-out-scrapbooks buried within the chaotic mess that is my bedroom); a reliable guide and an exciting parcel delivered through the front door at the beginning of each month. The down to earth yet incredibly enslaving nature of the magazine has inspired me to expand my blog into something that's a bit different to what you expect on your average beauty and lifestyle blog. The magazine has inspired me to write controversial debates; informative posts in which I don't mind my inner nerd appearing and posts all about relevant issues such as the deterioration of the printed word.

As I once said a long long time ago, in my post titles 'The Rise of the Teen Blogger', "Teens have well and truly invaded the bloggosphere. We now come in a pack, united by weekly #tbloggers chats, and contrary to previous woes, are now fully integrated in the blogging community." That fact remains increasingly accurate. This acceptance of us younger bloggers into such a wonderful community has rejoiced the social media addicted generation like no other. Blogging has brought along wardrobes and wardrobes full of confidence, self-value and an abundance of new friendships, opportunities and experiences.

My blog is the hobby that I have grown to love, cherish and prioritise over my GCSE's. I would love for blogging to take me on an adventure; I would love to have used social media to raise money for good causes, to have met some incredible people and to have gone to some incredible places, and I feel that achieving a place within the Company Style Blogger Awards 2014 Shortlist under 'Best Teen Style Blog' would be the origin to long lasting memories and a whole new era of

I know that I have my head high up in the clouds, but as I've always been told, if I'm going to dream I might as well dream big. In no way do I really expect this little corner of the web to make its mark, but to think that people enjoy reading my rambles enough to enter a nomination is beyond comprehensible.

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Who have you nominated? I have nominated lots of lovely bloggers, and you can do the same HERE!
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