Thursday, 8 May 2014

Adventuring in Wales: "Colour my life with the chaos of trouble"

Spontaneous adventures and last minute sand dune escapades after conceiving a food baby embodies what a quick getaway should be about. 

Hence why with the glorious welsh sun heading to sing its greeting to the Aussies down under,  I slung my camera onto my wrist and ran down to the beach; sister/personal photographer in tow. 

To our delight we discovered half a canoe ('Jaws's woes anybody?) that although tatty served as a fun little addition to these sore attempt of outfit photos. We wondered around the little coves, whilst badly attempting to stop sand infiltrating my camera and ignore my sisters whimpers and pre-teen moans about how she was bored and could I take some pictures of her. 

Despite my pre-conception, taking outfit photos wasn't quite as humiliating as first thought. It may have helped that the sand dunes in all of their (sandy?!) glory were my only observers, but I did still feel slightly Fashion Blogger wannabee posing in my all round awkward manner.

I wore this outfit on a particularly lovely day of exploring the Welsh Coastline and all of its charming little villages and quaint seaside towns. The day penultimately finished in correlation to the days agenda, with a fisherman style dinner of Haddock and Chips. Hence the afore-mentioned food baby. Ahem.

The only drawback to this outfit was the copious amount of sand that my converse acquired, although in a parallel universe thus wouldn't be so much of a pain but rather an extremely cheap way of re-filling a sandpit, I suppose.

What I'm wearing:

Shirt - H&M // Jeans - Zara (old) // Cardigan - Primark // Converse - Schuh

I have my first GCSE on Wednesday (ICT), which, for those of you fortunate enough to be oblivious to their existence, they're a set of torturous exams students take from the ages of 14-16 in the UK which pretty much determine our life. Fine and dandy I suppose. I'm only taking my ICT and English exams this year but the stress is still amounting somewhat considerably. Despite this, I still continue to lay out all of my revision books for my mum to pop in and congratulate me for revising but in reality I had spent the last forty five minutes doing a undeniably inconsequential form of procrastination. I have less than 6 days but I still seem to be lost in a hazy cloud of inconspicuous inconspicuousness. Oh dear.

On a slightly more obscure note, I am now the (not so) proud owner of a mouth full of's to all of you fellow brace-face pals reading this! Have a brilliant week,
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