Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hello! A little catch-up and May Advertisers Post!

This past month has consisted of revision crammed weekends, early morning puppy cuddles and lots of biscuit-into-tea dipping. 4/5 of my exams are now truly out of the way, alas, 'happily' out of the way is a tad ambivalent. Upon revising and memorising the wrong content for my first English Literature exam (Of Mice and Men and An Inspector Calls, if you're wondering) I felt like Sharpay in High School Musical when she sings the famous lines 'This is not what I want. This is not what I planned. And I just gotta say, I do not understand'. In spite of the comical nature, I'm pretty sure the invigilators wouldn't be too kind about a HSM tribute mid-exam. Two ICT exams later, I was encapsulated with gratefulness at AQA for a question choice on the poetry exam which my friends and I had held hands and jokily prayed for 40 minutes prior. I'm hoping my nonchalant rambles (I wrote half a page analysing the word "ivy" from 'The Blackbird of Glanmore') were enough to please the examiner and help redeem myself from my disastrous attempt at the modern texts exam (to which I left myself 12 minutes to answer part b). With only the biggun', the English Language exam on the arison (3rd of June, to be precise) I am hoping to spend this half term appreciating the little things in life that I was blinded to in direct correlation with the piles of past papers occupying my desk in the last week or two. This new mindset was particularly reinforced by Jojo, who blogs at her wonderful slice of the internet, MissJojangles, with her latest post, 'Turning 20'. Every word resonated with me and I felt myself rereading it a few times in order to completely savour the poignant strings of sentences that ultimately caused a wave of nostalgia and whimsical-ness. I now raise my arms in a blogger-salute to her. Here's to the half term, aye.

On a different note, I thinks its now a rather apt time to introduce May's advertiser, 'Poptalk'! They're an app aimed at teens and kids with a new spin on IM (brings back MSN/Bebo memories, anyone?). I've downloaded the app myself and it is actually pretty cool.

Here's what the team had to say about the app:

"Bring your messaging to life with Poptalk. Create your own unique avatar with custom appearance, clothes, accessories, and more. Poptalk’s intuitive animations help you speak from the heart.

What you’ll love about Poptalk:

ANIMATIONS: Send emotes like LOL, OMG, or :) and your avatar will express the emotion in a manner that goes beyond simple text. Try a few to see what your avatar does!

CUSTOMIZATION: Change your avatar’s hair, clothes, and accessories as often as you’d like. With loads of items available, customize your avatar’s look for any occasion.

CHANGE LOCATIONS: Quickly change the location of each conversation. Select from spots including: a nightclub, coffee house, gym, and more!

SAVE OUTFITS: Save different combinations of hair and clothing to your Wardrobe. Messaging from the beach? Choose your swimsuit/sandals combo. At a club? Maybe something a little more formal. Mix and match clothing and accessories to see what you can come up with!

FREE: Poptalk’s free to install and use, with no advertising! :)

Want to learn more about Poptalk? You can visit our website

Or, follow our social media accounts for updates and news:

- Twitter:

- Facebook:"

As always, I would love it if you fancied advertising my me and my ol' blog over here, the advertising packages can be seen here

Better yet, when you email over your application for a package with the code 'Laurynsmaybankholiday', you'll recieve a grand 25% off!! A little bank holiday treat from me *insert winky emoji*

That's all folks!

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, and use it to your full advantage. What are your plans?

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