Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Running a single lap of the school field has always proved a daunting experience, with the not so pretty images of sticky thighs (who wants a thigh gap when you can have a thigh clap, right?), tomato cheeks and a stomach reminiscent of rubbish getting pummelled by the bin lorry haunting me as soon as entering the PE changing room. That being said, it's not a great depiction of my new found sporadic adventure; Climbing Mount Snowdon. Mountain climbing is a task deemed preposterous; only achieved with oodles of experience complete with head to toe Karrimor gear, maps hanging in waterproof folders from your neck and multiple well practised mountain-climbing expressions suitable for any encounter. I may have worn skinny jeans (NOT a brilliant idea) and the only attire suggesting I potentially had experience was my last minute purchase of my not so OOTD worthy hiking boots. 

Despite the notoriously dismal morning-after-ache, the climb was absolutely worth it. A fairly large portion of my friends are still dubious as to whether I actually completed the ill fated mission or not, alluding to the idea that I took the train. As much as my pre-climb self would have preferred this, my parents enveloped me in their drones of the "brilliant family experience" it would be. Fights and every other possible emotion included. 

We rolled out of our warm cocoons (read: rather uncomfortable caravan beds) and shuffled into our pre-decided-upon mountainous gear, pre-cockerels calling. A bowl of hearty cereal later and we were off in the car through the welsh mountains. A guessing game began as to "Muuuuummm is that one Snowdon?" followed by "I've not seen it since I was Ten years old kids, for the 92nd time...". All too similar to the "are we there yet?" game. 

If I had to sum up the day in one word, it would be an experience. In many ways. The physical venture was strikingly contrasting to my embodiment of life; the amount of emotions that surpassed me was weird but most importantly it was the conclusive sense of achievement that bound me to this one word.

I'll let the pictures do the talking. It was tough, yes, but an adventure I would repeat without even having to consider it.

Have you ever climbed a Mountain, or do you envision yourself doing so in the future?

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