Monday, 30 June 2014

A little a natter and hello to my wonderful June Advertisers

Over Sunday morning brews and midnight writing sprees I've established a growing train of thoughts. In short, I feel like blogging has overturned a new leaf. Once upon a time, in those murky dark evenings of November when bad lighting was the norm and surplus empty mugs of tea lined my desk, I had one goal. To churn out as much content as possible. I restricted myself. Three times a week. Tuesday meant lifestyle, Thursday meant books and Saturday meant beauty. Those three realms confined me. Like three handcuff loops, they strained my creative output. I regurgitated a monotonous spiral of posts. Quantity over quality was the game.

Hence the recent prolonged periods of blogging-hibernation/hiatus. And in a chat with my nan this evening, it hit me, like the huge expanse of water that releases with an indestructible force, clearing everything in its path when a tsunami occurs. My head was fuzzy. Clouded. Strained.

And that hazy brick wall has now fallen. And so this is what I've come to realise: I'm simply here to document my teenage years and share my simple, undeterred love for writing.

I blog for myself. Consider it an online journal full of small scraps of my life to reflect back on in years to come. I love pleasing my readers, I really do. Waking up to a lovely new comment or a little encouraging tweet does no less than to stir up a continuous vial of happiness sought from blogging. I like to think that blogging has developed me. It's opened my eyes to a whole plethora of new people and experiences. Blogs started off as a way to document our lives. At the end of the day, the progression of the bloggosphere should not change it's simple aim.

And so when I take a break, whether that be a day or a week, a fortnight or a month, I'm not gone. I'm probably just sitting in bed wrapped up in a blanket sorting through my latest roll of film photos or curled up with a book. I'll be back at some point.

Leading onto my latest venture. As of last week, I'm attempting to pen my first novel. Eek. It's a novel that questions our mortality through the following questions: 

Is our personality innate, or is it shaped by our experiences? Hence, when we lose our memory, do we lose our identity?

So far its an overly long winded, overly sentimental and descriptive 4000 word ramble. I like to think that it has potential. I wouldn't say that I'm writing it with the aim of publication, despite that dream securing itself a small snuggly spot at the back of my mind. It like to label it a personal venture. To prove to myself that yes, I can, and I will.

Before I waffle on about the remainder of mundane occurrences in Lauryn Land, I believe it's an apt time to introduce the monthly ritual of my month's advertisers. Each lovely lady has written you a brief paragraph detailing their blog and its posting antics. There's a fair varied mix, so I hope you find something to take your fancy!

Let's hit it off with Chloe, one of my personal favourites:

"Once upon a time, back in November 2012, I took the plunge and created 'RealityLeavesLotsToImagination'. My blog is primarily a beauty blog, with hints of lifestyle and fashion here and there, and it's my little place where I can spend all day babbling on about whatever takes my fancy without having to worry about any restrictions or rules. I'm a lover of all things vintage so you'll more than likely see vintage-esque posts added in the mix every so often. Whatever your taste, you'll normally find something to your liking in my little part of the internet, so why don't you make yourself a cup of tea, get yourself comfy and have a good old read of my ramblings".

You can hunt down Chloe in the following places (although please, not literally): 

Blog ~ 
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Tumblr ~

Next up, we have Georgia who blogs over at
"On a dark night last September, I was finally convinced to set up a blog. A long-term pal of mine had been saying for ages, 'ooooh Bean' you need to write about all these lovely/and not so lovely things you try. You see I had quite a stash of products, it was more like a small shop, certainly not an every day makeup bag. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I'm documenting life, sharing products I love and don't love so much, meeting wonderful bloggers and enjoying the whole community spirit. Plus I'm hopefully looking a little better (after all that testing).

If you want to join my journey and 'full of Bean's' blog, please subscribe it would mean the world to this ditzy, fun-loving, blonde Bean".

Beans Beauty Blog

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Hi! My name is Brittaney and I am the creator of 'Brittaney Penney'. (

Although I only started my blog recently, I have been blogging for years on tumblr. I created ‘Brittaney Penney’ because I’m interested in a variety of things and wanted one place where I could write about everything. I blog about beauty, fashion, and all things travel. If I could do anything in the world it would be to travel and see all of the sites that this beautiful world has to offer. My blog also features music posts, DIY crafts, and life updates. No matter what you like, there will most likely be a post that you’ll fancy. So why don’t you grab a cup of your favorite drink, pull up a chair, and read a little bit of my ramblings.

Find me here:

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Danielle Saint is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. It is full of my rambling about 
all sorts of things. I started my blog back in November and have quickly fallen head over heels for sharing a little bit of me on the internet! I'd love it if you'd come and check my blog out and subscribe (only need two more followers until my big giveaway)! Danielle xo 

Find me here:

What do you think of these pockets of the internet? I hope this little post has enticed you into having a good old read and perhaps developing a new favourite internet spot!

As always, I would love it if you fancied advertising my me and my ol' blog over here, the advertising packages can be seen here: 

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