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Company Magazine Blog Awards 2014 on 35mm Film

Wednesday evening saw a hundred-and-something avid, wonderfully dressed bloggers stepping into a humble warehouse in the middle of East London. Amidst a plethora of excitable energy circling the room, humble hellos (read: "Eek I love your blog so much can I have a picture pretty please") were said, BBQ food was munched upon and more than an ample amount of selfie's were taken.

The rooftop terrace was kitted out with more fairy lights than your average Tumblr dashboard, bloggers nattered away on wonderfully childish coloured chairs and tables lay adorned with the most adorable table decorations. Plants hung upside down from floral garnishes strung in the sky and issues of company magazine were strewn around in abundance. The atmosphere was so incredibly whimsical and relaxed, reinforced by the constant echo of giggling and eager conversation making. 

The snazzy warehouse inside embodied a safe haven for bloggers of all kind. Basked in a golden flurry of summer sun, with it's vast windows looking out onto the oddly beautiful view of the gas towers, selfies were embraced, fan-girling was accepted and people nattering away to their cameras was seem as the norm. I'm not sure whether it was the atmosphere of the evening or simply the east London vibe but the stereotypically ugly gas towers and views of Hackney were surprisingly awe inspiring, sat in all of their still glory in the hazy midst of sunset. The sponsors of the Awards, Missguided made an excellent job of the 'Festival' theme. This included the myriad of fairy lights, bunting and pillows spread around. Put tree stumps as tables in a big warehouse with random decorations dotted around and somehow, it just works.

Whilst I did not return home award-in-hand, the award for 'Best Teen Style Blogger' went to the more than deserving Ellie from, a blog that I have read since the beginning and utterly adore. A blog that I was rooting for just as much as my own, as I admitted to Ellie later on in the evening. Nonetheless, getting short-listed and receiving an invite to the event whereby I rubbed shoulders with the 'crème de la crème' of the bloggosphere was more than enough for me! Saying that, thank you so much for voting for Lauryn's Notebook and cheering me on all the way to the awards! It's all you. Yep, you. Sitting there in your polka dot pj's with a humongous cup of tea and Robbie Williams shamelessly blasting through your headphones.

I spent the first hour or so glued to the hip of Lucy (who deserves a huge congratulations for winning Highly Commended) and, after spying out and temporarily stalking multiple bloggers who represent the cream of the cake in the blogging world, we finally built up the courage to say hello. A prime example is Louis Cole, the rather famous Youtuber, 'funforlouis'. Or if you'd rather, the guy with dreadlocks who once ate a goldfish. I've watched his daily vlogs for over a year now and to meet him (ignorant of my fangirling self) was incredible. He was without question one of the most genuine people I met on the night, chatting to us for a good five minutes while posing with both Lucy and I for 10 seconds because her self-timer was on (the result can be seen above-credit to and we couldn't work out how to turn it off. Even Louis attempted to adjust the settings, despite the growing number of girls forming a 'can I have a picture' line behind us.

Another moment that spurred on some spontaneous fangirling was bumping into Zoe London - a lifestyle blogger that I am in awe of (as well as her incredible turquoise hair). Zoe DJ'd for the night (her setlist was ahh-maa-zing) which inspired many many 'merry' (read: a little tipsy) bloggers to take to the floor and show the rest of us how its done. Cue awkward head bopping and out-of-rhythm swaying.

Not only were Heck serving up an array of belly-rumble inducing BBQ food, ice cream was on offer in about 40 different flavours. Utter the words 'FREE FOOD' and I'll be there faster than Harry Potter in quidditch after the golden snitch. Other brands that made an appearance were Seekers Of Sun, a temporary tattoo brand, Orla nails, who were offering up nautical coloured nails and the lovely Lee Stafford hair team.

The majority of my night was spent nattering away to some absolutely lovely bloggers, many of whom I can see friendships blooming with. In particular those bloggers were Lucy, Lauren, Jojo, and Ellie. I also managed to squeeze in a quick chat with the lovely girls from London Closet who won best blogging duo, and stood next to Melon Lady in the loos! Other bloggers who popped up on my radar were Liv Purvis, Two Shoes One Pair and Steve Booker, but being my shy self didn't have the courage to strike up a conversation by butting in on an existing one. I did get a glimpse of Victoria White, the editor of the magazine but she was too busy waltzing here, there and everywhere (she is one inspiring lady mind).

One if the best conversations of the night was with Ellie, Jojo and her baby-sitter (kidding, her pal/blogger+1, Rebekah) whereby we discussed aubergines, pushy brands and the evenings general shenanigans.

With DSLR's propped onto the shoulder proving a more popular accessory than lipstick and heels, my meagre point-and-shoot didn't quite fit the bill and so I chose to remain on the other side of the spectrum, bringing my retro film camera (Canon Ae-1) into the mix. For the pictures above I used Agfa Vista 200 35mm film from Poundland and developed them at Boots. Fun fact: I have spent £21 this week on buying and developing film. Ouch. Film photography is an utterly money-quenching hobby but it love it nonetheless. Film possesses a sort of hazy and mysterious quality that seems to have been lost in the digital era.  The there's the fact it forces you to make hard copies of your memories rather than letting them wilt away in the folds of your laptop. 

We were also treated to a goody bag supposedly worth over £50, and its hard not to believe. Just look at it all! I must admit to it lacking multiple food substances that were in there originally. I can only blame the last-train-home-snacking-urges. 

 To wrap it up, the evening was more than I could have hoped for, especially 10 months ago when a bright eyed me pressed publish for the first ever time. It's been an absolutely crazily rewarding 10 months so far to which I can only hope to expand upon and form even more treasurable memories on the behalf of your ongoing support and general loveliness! Hence I will finish off this post with one thank you and a myriad of virtual hugs and kisses.

Here's a list of all of the wonderful blogs that picked up an deserving award: 











I'm currently sitting outside in the early afternoon sunshine with a big glass of milk, packet of Minstrels and Maisy (my puppy) who's currently sleeping on my lap/arm (hence I am writing this post with one hand). So far, today has consisted of overhauling the copious stash of junk in my room and then, shock horror, hoovering and polishing the rest of my room. With the soft breeze filtering through my windows and the distant sounds of grass of being cut and BBQ's being had, I gained a sudden urge to clear out and prepare myself for the summer months. In about half an hour or so I'm going to meet up with some friends and go unicycling (read: attempt to and utterly fail to unicycle) and perhaps hunt down an ice cream van. With only 4 weeks of the school term left, I'm looking forward to summer inspired adventures, laying on the sand with a good book and travelling a bit. What are your plans?

Were you at the Company #stylebloggerawards? Have you ever been to a blogging event? 

Have a great week,
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