Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The type-writered post: What I'm listening to this Summer:

Long, hazy Summer days filled with  vast expanses of blue sky coloured in with aeroplane squiggles, endless supplies of ice lollies and the sound of the ice cream van depict to me, quite plainly, summer. Surrounded by the nostalgic smells of distant BBQ's, children laughing and playing and my brother and sister running around having a water fight all symbolise the highlights of lazy summer days. I tend to observe all of these shenanigans from the comfort of a sunbed on the patio, book in hand, Maisy sleeping under the sunbed (my dog, not a person if you're new here) and my absolutely wonderful Smiggle headphones playing some of my current top-rated music.

Throughout the year, I go through periods of listening to so much music, absorbing in all of these new sounds and revelling in the throaty, raw notes to the humble melodies blasting through my headphones. But then I go through periods where my music seems dampened, monotonous and a just a bit of a chore to listen to. When this prolonged sense of boredom travels towards me I like to insert a bunch of new sounds into the mix right before it slams into me and shoves me into a music-less cage. It's this moment when I find myself injecting some new patterns of sounds, dotted with warmth and encouraging happy endorphins into the music mix.

A few weeks ago I compiled a little list of just my top 20 'summer' songs. And by some odd whim I decided to type them up on my typewriter that was handed down to me from my Mum. I absolutely adore it, not only for the sentiment of my mum's childhood, but I'm a bit of a wistful time traveller and wished I lived in the 1970s/80s. But, it was painful. I never realised how helpful the backspace button is until that point when I typed up a fairly lengthy list. I think I typed it up about 8 times. Eight times. My. Fingers. Killed. And all my family could hear was 'plink a plonk' for a few hours. Nonetheless, I do like to think it was all worth it for the lovely aesthetics of the list. I used some self-adhesive dotted ribbon to border the list and scanned it in. Taa-daa! All of these songs have a wonderful beat; a little something you can shamelessly jig away to in the privacy of your bedroom in embarrassing pyjamas (you know, not that I can admit to this....).

Since typing the list up I've fallen head over heels (metaphorically of course-although I don't doubt my lack of skills in getting from A to B) in adoration with a few more songs. They are the following:

1996 - The Wombats
Let's Dance To Joy Division - The Wombats
Pacifier - Catfish And The Bottlemen
Come a Little Closer - Cage The Elephant
Full Circle - Half Moon Run
Are you in Love with a Notion? - The Courteneers
I Stand Corrected - Vampire Weekend

So that's a compilation of what I'll be listening to this Summer! I was having a chat with my #BBF Laura (FYI: 'blogging best friend') and we discovered that we've both settled upon the same path. We WANT to blog, but when we sit down to do it life takes over and we end up getting caught in a whirlpool of procrastination or some whimsical summer activity (hunting down Lovely Jubblies in the freezer might I hint at) and ultimately end up at the point of 'oh god it half one in the morning, I better get to sleep'. It's an endless cycle and one I desperately wish to escape from.

How has your summer been so far? What are you listening to 
as the mugginess of British Summertime invades? Let me know in the comments below!

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