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To Be Read: My Summer Book List

When the final school bell rings, (overridden by the sound of people cheering and slamming chairs on top of the tables in a rush) I always find myself lost in void of time that stretches out like the blurred line between the sea and the sky. I have just six weeks, 46 days, 1104 hours, 66,240 minutes and 3,974,400 seconds to potentially whittle away in the undoubtedly rainy British summertime. Whilst I do fly away from the miserable realms of British mugginess to the (hopefully) sun drenched isle of Menorca on the 4th of August for two weeks (eek!), my summer seems to dither out in front of me as a blank calendar. 

My undeterred love for reading developed in summer holidays gone by in the quiet hours of the morning when days and nights blurred into one with no six in the morning starts to haunt me. It was in those days that I fell in love with Enid Blyton's famous five, angsty adolescent novels and chick flicks that make you scrunch your toes up tight at how adorably unachievable the whole plot is. And so, my quest commences to immerse myself in as many magical labyrinths of words as I can.

Is it acceptable to quote from my sore attempt at a novel (if 5465 words counts as the start of one)? No, probably not. Nonetheless, here we go: "It is my safe haven. Every time I delve into the pages and run along the tops of the lines of words that I know better than the imprint of reality on my mind, I feel encapsulated by a sliver of hope. But when my running race against the beaten track of words reaches its last full stop and I pass the finish line out of breath and with a thin sheen of sweat, reality closes in on me, claustrophobic as is the realisation that I've left behind my imaginary world."

Oh dear. I now quote Katie of Scarphelia.com (major blog love to her-please do have a nose) who is also on the pivotal novel-ling quest, "Did I really just quote my own book? Have I really become that person?". It seems that, yes, yes indeed, we have both sidled over into that part of the novelist Venn-Diagram whereby you quote your own work (h e l p).

I've collated a collection of 22 novels to start off the summer with. Whether that be laying on the beach, cosied up in the courtyard of a family BBQ or at 4 in the morning when early the summer light invades into my room, I plan to devour each and every one of these books. There's a whole mixture here, from the expected YA, to classics, to general adult fiction and a non-fiction book to top it off. 
Young Adult:
-Lobsters - Tom Ellen & Lucy Evision
-More Than This - Patrick Ness 
-We Were Liars - E.Lockhart
-Wonder - R.D.Palacio
-Trouble - Non Pratt
-Solitaire - Alice Oseman
-Fangirl - Rainbow Powell
-City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare
-Eleanor and Park - Rainbow Powell

Non Fiction:
-Rookie Yearbook 1 - Tavi Gevinson
-Rookie Yearbook 2 - Tavi Gevinson
-On The Road - Jack Kerouc
-Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov
-The Great Gatsby -Fitzgerald
-To kill a mockingbird -Harper Lee

Adult Fiction:
-The Lemon Grove - Helen Walsh
-Rage Against the Dying -Becky Masterman
-How To Build A Girl - Caitlin Moran
-Landline - Rainbow Powell
-The Goldfinch-Donna Tartt
-My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick
-The Spectacular Now - Tim Tharp
Despite a horrible cloud of thought consisting of unfinished controlled assessment sitting precariously above me, the knowledge that I only have 13 lessons left of the school year and talk about a Great Gatsby themed prom (a year in advance) has overridden my current woes, and I've resorted to watching bad TV and eating bad food (not too much different from the norm I suppose). However, with the 'official' summer approaching, my levels of motivation for school have dropped considerably and hence my new found love for 'I wanna Marry Harry' (how stupid/oblivious/blinded by fortune can the girls get?!?). 

What does your summer book pile consist of?

By the way...big Brownie points go to the one who identifies the pictured book! I personally have a love/hate it relationship with the novel but the font looked nice for the photo (Am I really becoming that kind of person?)

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