Sunday, 24 August 2014

Menorca Photo Diary on 35mm Film.

Somehow I have both salvaged and drastically increased my raging urges of wanderlust. I didn't quite hitch-hike my away across Europe and dine in quaint fairy lit restaurants in cobbled streets (a la tumblr) but I did spend a blissful two weeks in the Balearic island of Menorca, ruled by Spain.

In these two weeks, I managed to go dark on every aspect of the internet, I managed to shoot 4 rolls of film and I managed to read 10 books back to back. 

I finally escaped the soggy attitudes of the British and the smells of wet tarmac for the salty sea air and musky Spanish heat after many months of pining. However, the stark irony of summer amazes me. Whilst we make petty wishes for the summer holidays to arrive beginning the first day of the school year to the last - summer never really materialises into the LA-Tumblr-esque summer dream: festival-ing every weekend, road-tripping in the back of an old pick up truck, or laughing and singing around midnight camp-fires on the beach. In reality, instead of blonde 'sun-kissed' beach curls tumbling down our spines, our necks get sweaty and sticky and the wind knots our hair and blows it into our ice creams. We do not run around but waddle with disgustingly sticky thighs and hot, exhausted bodies. And the most ironic aspect of it all? Most of the time, we complain that it is too bloody hot. Are we ever happy?

I'm a mascot of the summer roller-coaster. Pre-summer, you climb up to the highest point of the roller coaster; planning incredible days out, ensuring that it will be the best summer yet. Then the peak of the coaster approaches: the last day of the school, and the evening in which you can feel every loose string of your summer plans knitting together into excitable apprehension and hope. But the drop comes when every inspired adventure falls short to lack of funds, bad weather, body confidence issues, friends being on overlapping holidays and a whole six weeks of pure procrastination.

The truth is: nothing is what we expect it to be. My summer didn't quite pan out as I hoped, but it's actually been pretty great. I've listened to good music, watched films into the early hours of the morning, danced in my pyjamas, lounged lazily in parks in the summer heat, scrap-booked, written, read, photo-graphed, laughed, talked, loved and appreciated life in all of its disjointed joyousness.

I've walked around Spanish hippy markets, inhaling the smells of real leather, good food and the kind of happiness brought on only from foreign heat and not quite knowing what you're doing but not really minding. I've swam out as far as you can at beaches to the lonesome yellow buoys bobbing up and down in the water, I've snorkelled for hours on end and sporadically discovered underwater caves and hidden little bays. 

I've sang along to an old Spanish guy singing 80's songs in an awkward Spanish accent live in a quaint little bar, swaying alongside my family lit by candlelight and ignoring the mosquitoes buzzing around. I've laughed and listened to old stories of my parents; I've thought a lot and appreciated everything a little bit more. 

What led to me to this epitome of appreciation was most likely derived from my desire to capture the raw beauty of the holiday in a set of physical memoirs. I ended up taking around 250 digital photos, 3 rolls of 35mm film on my Canon AE-1 and a roll of film on an underwater camera that I purchased for 11 Euros in a souvenir shop (NEVER AGAIN-an absolute waste of money!!).

Looking through the lense allows you to appreciate everything a bit more than you usually would. It gives you a refreshing feeling of securing inevitable nostalgia, and allows you to trap a memory in a 6x4 rectangle, to be treasured forever. These are only a few of the images that I shot, and if this goes down as a hit then I plan to post another group in the not so distant future (hopefully). 

What has your summer materialised into? Have you finally concluded that a tumblr-esque-inspired summer is not quite real, but a warped reality? What are you appreciating recently?

P.S. This blog turned 1 year old on the 12th of August, so happy belated-blogiversary I suppose? This is also my 100th published post! *hip-hip-hooray!!*

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