Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Stand Sure.

Stand sure.

This idea of standing, your feet planted in the ground with an aura of confidence is somewhat reassuring to me. I love how it signifies an undeterred belief in your own values. These two words represent a whole legion of my newly acknowledged mindsets revolving around the pivotal ideas of staying true to your own morals.

Tying the Scottish roots of my surname, 'Anderson', together, is the motto, 'Stand Sure'. These two words have become etched into my heritage, framing the attitude of my generations gone by. It's not simply a poster tacked loosely to the wall of a train station or a quote on Tumblr, but something closer to home than two words will ever be.

I find it strangely comforting to think that for generations gone by, such a meaningful motto has imprinted itself and literally, stood its ground, seeing as it is still around all these generations later. To me, this has enforced my ideas about how you should be confident in your own skin. I'm clumsy; I say stupid things, and I make mistakes, but I must stand by these decisions and embrace it. Be sure of yourself.

We can let ourselves be swept up in the woes and worries of everyday life, but the only true way of cementing ourselves and truly making our mark, is to 'Stand Sure'. Plant your feet in the ground and refuse to change your spot. Do not change for anybody, because, they really will love you for you if they really care. Nobody respects somebody less for staying true to themselves and planting their morals so deeply that they won't get washed away in a consuming wave of carbon copies of people. 

Delving into my heritage has made me open up my eyes a bit more.Your surname is an important label that will always stay with you, and it's perhaps odd that the majority of us have no real ideas about its origins. It simply mirrors how complacent we are as society. We let ourselves crowd surf away on current gossip rather than delving into the actual logics behind our existence, which, in reality, is rather sad. 

Do you know the origins behind your surname? Do you 'stand sure'?

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