Friday, 8 August 2014

The reality of fear.

I can categorise fear into two parts. 

Number one: generalised fear.

Number two: the reality of fear.

Fear can be defined as the following:

  1. 1.
    an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm

Fear is that clenching of your muscles right before you drop 100ft on a roller coaster ride. Fear is walking up to the edge of a cliff and seeing how deep the drop is. Fear is stepping onto a plane. Fear is anything that makes you feel a burning sensation of threat bubble up in your stomach. 

Essentially, fear is a chain reaction in your brain, caused by a stimulus. This stimulus could be a spider, the thought of public speaking or a potentially fatal activity you're faced with. 

However, fear is played upon. Just as your mind plays tricks on you.  You’re not actually scared of the dark. You’re just afraid of what’s in it: that the darkness is stronger than you because it can hide things under its cloak. And when people say their biggest phobia is heights-it’s delusional. Because the truth is that it’s not the height itself that scares them but rather it’s the idea of falling. And I suppose that’s just an acronym for life. We cover our own tracks, and what we say, we don’t actually mean most of the time.

I've always believed in the fact that behind every ‘I don’t know’, there’s always a little bit of knowledge. You just don’t want to say something out loud because you’re scared of cementing it in people’s heads, other than your own. It’s other people: what they will think and what they will say. You’re just scared.

I think the whole idea of 'reality' is ridiculous. What can we define as reality and what can we define as fiction? Are our thoughts reality or fiction?

Our one fundamental fear, that I mentioned in this post, is the fear of fearing too much. We fear everything. At the end of the day, we wouldn't be as fearful if other people were not so judgemental.

Our fear would not have existed if society had not set these things as actually being things of fear. You wouldn't know what the emotion of being scared was, unless society hadn't labelled this as fear. And it all comes down to this: reality only makes itself obvious when we're informed of it directly. We can not define a feeling as something that society has not already defined. You have never seen your own face in true form: you have only glimpsed a potentially warped version in reflections and pictures. My fear? What if what we see in these pictures and reflections is completely different to what we actually look like? I also fear the fact that we will never, ever be completely independent: something is always touching us. Even in space, when gravity takes off as you do, each individual particle of the air completely consumes you.

The reality of fear is quite simply that people fear reality. 

We like to consume ourselves in imaginary worlds stemming from words strung along into a coherent order in a book: in films, in plays, in music and in art. We are so nonchalantly ignorant of reality - and we revel in this blissful escapism. That's the sole reason why books and films and every single other portal of imagination exist: to allow us to immerse ourselves in everything that's not our own disjointed reality. Because? We simply fear reality itself.

When you look up into the clouds, a seamless blue expanse of plain fabric, what do you draw using the squiggles of aeroplanes? Reality or fiction?

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