Monday, 1 September 2014

Menorca Photo Diary on 35mm Film Part 2.

Looking back on these pictures fills me with such an innate sense of nostalgia. I desperately ache for the quiet cobbled streets on Binibeca, finding ourselves lost in strange towns at midnight and making the 1-2-3-'AHH' plunge into the sea. August has seemed to evaporate in the quiet ticking of clocks submerged into deathly silence under the constant hum of lawn mowers and the musky drone of planes, leaving us all staring at the 1st of September on the calendar with nervous befuddlement. 

I go back to school tomorrow and the realisation that this will the most important year of my schooling terrifies me. I can condense my summer into 8 instagram posts, 7 blog posts and about 18 books. This summer has been un-perfectly perfect, and that has suited me just fine. I will always wish, as will any other teenager, for the summer holidays to expand drastically in time, but in reality, the real truth is that I am actually quite excited to go back to school. As much as I despise early mornings, crowded bus journeys, homework, teachers, exams and every other teenager-despised-school-related-shenanigan, I actually love the thought of learning new things every single day. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to discover more and more in my own adventure with each turning of the clock. 

Fellow blogger Scarphelia (Katie) lives by the motto ""Forever remain curious, refuse to remain unremarkable." Why remain unremarkable when you have the world at your feet? From any background, the same ground, the same formation of tectonic plates and the earth's core lies beneath your feet. All you need is a dose of curiosity to alight the opportunities and attitude needed to leave a footprint.

I am a naturally curious person. I like to people watch. I make up stories about strangers as they walk past me in the street. Where they are going, where they have come from. The whole notion of strangerism enthrals me, a notion once again fuelled by Katie. I like to glance at what people are reading at the train station and make a mental note in my head to look it up. I listen to other people's conversations and alight in the emotion that I am not really that crazy, that, in fact, we're all the same. I am simply a curious person. Nosey. Vaguely intrusive with the least intrusive intentions. I want to adventure and soak up everything: to quell my curiosity. And school, it just does that. I may not subconsciously be aware of the fact that I need to know about Hitler's path to becoming chancellor, assimilation and multiculturalism, the disturbance of characters in Wuthering Heights, frequency distribution graphs or the sanctity of life, but every single topic has helped my growth as a person.

I moan and groan and roll my eyes in the moment when the teachers drone on about the most snore-inducing, somewhat irrelevant topics only useful because the exam requires you to know it. Not to understand it, or even really remember it, but just to secure a slight memory to write down. But looking back, perhaps more through rose-tinted spectacles than anything else, everything, even down to the most mundane of topics, has helped to shape me. I am a self labelled word-smith: a dealer of letters and a witch with a cauldron full of words. But I simply cannot order enough letters into a perfectly coherent order that justifies quite how much the human capacity of knowledge amazes me.

I want to learn. I want to sit through muggy bus journeys at 7 in the morning and revel in the small revelations, in tiny things of beauty and wonderment, ignorant of the crude remarks flying out in supposed wit of 15 year old boy's mouth, labelled as 'banter'. I want to laugh with friends and reminisce, I want to absorb in everything. I want to revel in all of this new found knowledge and truly appreciate it. I don't want to go to school with the mindset of passing my exams. I want to learn, and not partake in the memory test that school has evolved into. I want to learn for myself: not for numbers and letters on a piece of paper: but to open my eyes and make myself a better person. The numbers and letters would be nice, but I see school as a roller-coaster. It has its ups and downs, it spins you around and puts your head into a fizz but it leaves you feeling exhilarated, experienced and slightly empty, but full with emotion at the same time. I like to think that the schooling experience is something similar. It drags you in and spits you out, leaving you in a daze: you hate it and you love it: you scream through it and you laugh through it: you hold on tight and fling your arms in the air: but it will always come to an end. 

I am a secret lover of education, but the real question is, are you?

What do you think of the photographs? I apologise for my slightly nonchalant ramble about education but it does excite me. In the pictures above and in the first part of my Menorcan Photo Diary I used my Canon Ae-1 1976 Manual 35mm Film camera and shot using Agfa Vista 200 35mm film from Poundland and developed them at Boots. I cannot expand on how I love the "dreamy and atmospheric" nature of film as described by Amalia. It really is something to be excited about. 

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