Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Shoot film. Shoot it in dark crevices and honeyed walls, in pitiful cityscapes and allusive attempts of modernism. Shoot it wisely in capturing the harrowing truths of life and hope to find something worth savouring. Not utopian ideals of beauty or opulence, but a real image. Mundane images in nostalgic colourings draped with fiery light leaks, images so common that they stir a wild, captivating sense of deja vu. Shoot film to haunt obsolete truths and an intangible reality. Adjust the focus and create a clear image of the sinister days and nights in which we live in, and savour a gritty, lasting memoir. Let harsh truths etched with oblivion burden themselves into a permanent reminder, a physical form. Find curiosity in both the mundane and the extraordinary. Fall captive to a a trance of hazy mysterious colours. Scale the dizzy heights of ambiguous nostalgia and cocoon yourself in dreamy lucid atmospheres, inhaling golden reminiscent hues, smiling. Hunt for soft dappled light and humble items of reality, because you're limited in numbers. 36 or 24 to a roll. Bask in your uncertainty, revel in the developing process and indulge in the expense. 

Portray a realistic world that's worth reminiscing upon.  

You want to live, think and appreciate more, simply. You want to shoot film.

Here are a few of my favourite photos shot on film, all taken by myself on a Canon AE-1 using Agfa Vista 200 film:

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